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This involves provision of scholastic materials such books, pens, pencils etc, obtained through donations. Education is wide and it involves social, mental and physical development. For this, games and sports, music dance and drama are part of this thematic area. CBIRD provides sports equipment as well as apparatus for music, dance and drama. The education component has been well managed and there is a significant improvement in the academic performance.

Infrastructural development and rehabilitation

This theme involves renovation of old schools’ structures as well construction of new ones whenever there is critical need. This has been newly started by the support of friends of CBIRD in and outside the country.

Capacity building and poverty reduction program

This theme is meant to empower teachers, parents and children to be able to work as a team for better performance. It also involves trainings in small income generating activities especially for the teachers and parents to help them raise school requirements for their children.


The research theme is intended to avail first hand information that will be utilised to raise awareness on how to improve performance in rural isolated schools. Research mainly focuses on the education situations and the causes of such in rural isolated schools.

Health and Nutrition

This involves creation of school gardens to ensure constant food supply to children in the different schools. It also deals with sensitisation seminars for pupils to learn about HIV/AIDS, early pregnancies, and how to prevent hygiene related sickness in homes.


CBIRD relies on donations. Please consider donating to help continue our project.



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