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CBIRD is in need of volunteers, preferably English speakers, to help at our schools. Volunteers can be teachers (English, academic subjects, vocational skills such as art and craft, sewing and weaving, sport, etc), preferably with a teaching qualification and a CRB check or equivalent. CBIRD can accommodate two volunteers at a time, food and accommodation can be provided with families or CBIRD staff, and comfortable facilities and beautiful Ugandan countryside are readily available, as is a 4 seat vehicle for the volunteers to use. CBIRD invites young and old people who wish to spend their holidays, or short placements of up to 3 months, in Uganda during which they can help to develop skills of Narozari primary school children.

The people within the area speak Luganda as the first language while English is a national language which the majority speak. There are very many interesting sites volunteers can visit: Lake Victoria, Kalangala district which is a bunch of tropical islands in the middle of Lake Victoria, with rainforest and abundant wildlife etc…. the Equator is another interesting thing to see, crocodile farms, and many other nice things to enjoy. In addition, volunteers can take short trips to the many national parks of Uganda, from the mountains in the East where the mountain gorillas live, to the big game parks in the North which rival anything in Kenya and Tanzania, as well as Jinja – the adventure capital of East Africa.

Bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes, yams, rice, water melons, pineapples, mangoes, etc… are some of the many foods enjoyed by the local people. Generally life in Uganda is cheap and good!


CBIRD needs material resources to support the rural schools in its network. This includes books, scholastic materials, sports, art and musical equipment. Financial support is also required to provide school fees for children, rehabilitation/building of school buildings, agricultural supplies, and administration of the organisation as our current staff are all volunteers who provide their own time and resources.



CBIRD relies on donations. Please consider donating to help continue our project.



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