March 2013

CBIRD received a large container of goods donated by The Crossroads Foundation.

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January 2013

CBIRD received a donation from Biblionef In January 2013.

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August 2012

Thanks to the kind donation of Mr Edward Baluti of Masaka, CBIRD now has an office in Masaka!

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July 2012

As the first half of 2012 has drawn to the end, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year’s efforts and thank each of our supporters for the significant support you have rendered us.

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December 2011

Our latest newsletter can be downloaded by simply clicking here.


July 2011

CBIRD has received 186 academic and English language books from British NGO; Read International.  The books will be divided between the Mugwanya Complex Primary School, Bwala Secondary School and the small community library CBIRD Lead Coordinator; Jude Muleke, has set up in his home.  CBIRD has been working successfully to create and facilitate a reading culture in local communities and this generous support has boosted our mission.  Check out the Downloads section of the website, or click here to view the full report.

July 2011

CBIRD has now joined the world of social networking, including Facebook and Twitter!  Please check out our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter for all the latest CBIRD news (@CBIRD).

June 2011

Crossroads International have begun the process of shipping essential donated goods to Uganda, including books and other school equipment.  CBIRD hopes to receive these goods in late 2011, and will distribute the materials to our network of schools across Uganda for the benefit of local children.  Our deep thanks go out to Crossroads International for their support for our mission to achieve Empowerment through Education in Uganda!

May 2011

A local newspaper in America printed an artical on the amazing work CBIRD and particularly our Lead Coordinator, Jude, are doing with the assistance of The Allen Foundation in Uganda.  Have a look at the full article here.

April 2011

Congratulations to Jude Muleke, CBIRD’s lead coordinator, for the birth of his baby boy Martin!


February 2011

CBIRD’s partner; Wheels4Life have agreed to donate funds for bicycles in rural Uganda, which will help to combat some of the major problems of rural remoteness through affordable and locally available transport.  Many thanks to Wheels4Life!


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