Donation Received From Biblionef In January 2013

CBIRD received a donation from from Biblionef in January 2013 of books, sports equipment and teaching aids for the Mugwanya complex school.

The donation  will assist the school children in their education, and help the community around the school in achieving a better future.  Many thanks to Biblionef for their kind donation!

Here are some photos.  Please click each one to view in full.


CBIRD store book. these books are about to be sorted to be distributed to schools.

Children at Mugwanya complex in front of their new buildings

Humphrey our volunteer arranges books from Biblionef to donate to Mugwanya complex.

Jude (in white) with Mugwanya complex head teacher in front of the children

Jude posed for a pic with teachers while they held the donated books and other teaching aids.

Jude shakes hands with the head teacher of Mugwanya complex after distributing books to children

Jude standing with children with books while children happily stretched their hands to receive them

Jude the Lead coordinator for CBIRD shows the children and staff the different types of books donated to Mugwanya complex from Biblonef

Paul head teacher ( left) at Mugwanya complex with Jude the CBIRD lead coordinator in front of a newly set up building at the s

Playing materials, cultulators and many other teaching aids were donated by carrie and Ingrid from the US to donate to schools

Soccer balls and volley balls were also donated by Carrie Satterwhite


CBIRD relies on donations. Please consider donating to help continue our project.



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