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gedc1567The Birth of CBIRD

CBIRD started as an association in 2007 founded by two female and one male Ugandans due to the poor performance of rural, poor and isolated primary schools especially in the rural/isolated areas in the district. The activities of the association were directed towards improving academic performance in primary schools.


Participatory rural community empowerment for improved sustainable development ofrural isolated communities.


To improve academic performance in rural primary schools, contribute to poverty reduction, stimulate growth through participatory approaches and innovations, and community-oriented action programs and interventions for better livelihoods.

Core values and objectives

CBIRD’s approach to development is firmly founded upon participatory action at the community level. At the heart of the organisation is the aim of developing peoples’ livelihoods facilitated by an intensive participatory process. Particular emphasis is placed upon better academic performance and the rural poor.


Since 2007, CBIRD has worked hard to ensure improved academic performance in Narozari primary school. The boarding section has been revitalized , parents’ participation in the school activities has been renewed while enrolment has significantly increased. In 2008 & 2009 the school registered a number of good grades that enabled children to join better secondary schools. Academia is given priority. The school has excelled in music, dance and drama competition at parish and diocese levels. This has helped children to develop their natural talents whereas the school has won trophies and certificates of recognition including National certificates.


CBIRD partners with two USA based charitable organizations: the Allen foundation and Wheels4life. The Allen foundation members are great contributors to the education thematic area while wheels4life is an all-round contributor. The local community which includes teachers, parents, children and local friends of rural schools are great partners of CBIRD.


CBIRD members are working hard to become part of the regional Inter-district community development network. CBIRD is dedicated to transform rural communities through action programs and interventions, innovative research and capacity building initiatives intended to improve the welfare and quality of life of people in rural areas giving priority to primary education.


CBIRD relies on donations. Please consider donating to help continue our project.



Ndegeya Road, P.O.BOX 887, Masaka
Email: info@cbird.net
Phone: +256 (0)782 262 844

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