2012 Half Yearly Update

As the first half of 2012 has drawn to the end, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the past year’s efforts and thank each of our supporters for the significant support you have rendered us. Your sustained hard work, dedication and commitment with the support from your own friends have been fundamental to our work.

We have registered a number of significant milestones and made great progress on the way towards making ourselves a well regarded and admirable initiative aiming at improving the livelihoods of our local people here in Uganda. Thanks to Ingrid and the entire team of the Allen foundation – Ingrid has worked hard to find new people interested in our work. She has continued to pay school fees for a young girl, Pauline Nakyanzi, for the whole of 2012. I also wish to extend our sincere thanks to Carrie Satterwhite who has paid school fees for Kaweesi Denis. Thanks so much for keeping the promise.

We also wish to extend our sincere thanks to the Crossroads Global Distribution company in Hong Kong for the work they have so far done of collecting a number of supplies and made them ready in the containers to ship to us. Our next challenge is to find transport funds that will enable us have the supplies from Mombasa to Masaka.

US$500 is needed to transport the goods, including furniture, school books and equipment, games and bicycles – if you can help CBIRD to gather these funds, please use either ‘Donate’ via the website or contact chris@cbird.net.

We thank in a special way Mr Devin Lynn who has joined the team of those that have picked interest in our work. Devin has promised to look for more sponsors to help our children with school fees, for which CBIRD is very grateful. Devin has also found another way to support our work by selling craft goods from women in Uganda. The money from the sales will help women in their daily needs and also help us pay school fees for some children. We have high hopes in you Devin.

We want to extend our thanks to Mr Baluti Edward who has promised to get us rooms for a CBIRD office without pay! Thank you so much. We have had our small office in a residential house but this time we hope to shift and go in a decent place. However, we need support to have furniture, electricity, stationary and many more things in this office. I would also like to acknowledge the enduring commitment and support of Mr Chris Elliott (Mayanja) who represents the true backbone of all our activities in the UK. Thanks so much Chris.

Previously, we have worked with Narozari primary school. We thank whoever has contributed to the improvement for the school in all areas. We are happy that the academic performance has been improved to a significant level, games and sports, health and nutrition etc… The infrastructure of the schools has also seen significant improvement. CBIRD has now expanded our network to include Mugwanya complex which is located at the periphery of Masaka town. We shall expand our scope once we have increased support.

As we look forward to another successful year we have the obligation to work hard by taking time to adequately plan and put the funds received to proper use bearing in mind our slogan of “value for money” and be ever mindful of the risks we may encounter on our way to making other peoples life better – Once again, thanks to all those who have enabled us to achieve EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION.

Thanks for your support.

Jude Muleke
Lead Coordinator



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